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B1 / B1z Series Products

B1 Main Units

  • B1z-10MR
  • B1z-10M(T/J)
  • B1z-14Mr
  • B1z-14M(T/J)
  • B1z-20MR
  • B1z-20M(T/J)
  • B1z-24MR
  • B1z-24M(T/J)

B1z Main Units

  • B1-10MR
  • B1-10M(T/J)
  • B1-14Mr
  • B1-14M(T/J)
  • B1-20MR
  • B1-20M(T/J)
  • B1-24MR
  • B1-24M(T/J)

B1 Right Side Digital
I/O Expansion Modules

  • B1-8X
  • B1-8YR
  • B1-8Y(T/J)
  • B1-8XYR
  • B1-8XY(T/J)
  • B1-16X
  • B1-16YR
  • B1-16Y(T/J)
  • B1-16XYR
  • B1-16XY(T/J)
  • B1-24XYR
  • B1-24XY(T/J)


B1 Left Side Expansion Modules

  • B1-L2DA
  • B1-L4AD
  • B1-L2A1D

B1 Left Side Communication Expansion Modules

  • B1-CM2
  • B1-CM22
  • B1-CM5
  • B1-CM55
  • B1-CM25

Memory Pack

  • FBs-PACK



Handheld Programming Panel


Data Access Panel

  • FBs-DAP-B/BR
  • FBs-DAP-C/CR

RFID card

  • FBs-B2DA
  • FBs-B4AD
  • FBs-B2A1D

Core Technology of Advanced SoC

With advanced software and hardware technique and over 20 years of experience in automation industry, FATEK has integrated the entire PLC system with self-developed CPU, hardware logic solver (HLS), hardware high-speed counter/timer, NC positioning, communication, FLASH, and SRAM, into a tiny BGA chip. This is the 言rst attempt of PLC industry that makes FATEK a leading brand in micro PLC.

Compact and Rugged

As most parts of the system are integrated into a SoC, the processor and I/O section can be manufactured in a single PCB board and thus substantially reduced the dimension. Since a single board does not need any board-to-board connector, the overall structure becomes more stable and reliable.

High Quality and High Reliability

As the excellent streamline of hardware design and highly integrated of SoC technology, it minimizes the number of constituent parts of B1/B1z series of PLC. And with the combination of high quality parts and rigorous quality control procedures, FATEK creates a high quality and high reliability PLC for the industry.

Competitive Low Price

Besides the streamline design of SoC technology that signi言cantly reduces the hardware costs, B1/B1z series PLC incorporates the most sophisticated manufacturing process and most mature and stable quality of two-layer board design. With FATEK’s many years of experience in EMC control, the capability of noise resistance of FATEK PLC using two-layer board design is better than four-layer board design of other PLC, thus making B1/B1z PLC a price-competitive must-buy for smart dealers.

Easy to use, consistent instruction

The instruction sets of B1/B1z series PLC is based on the FBs series PLC, which is the best-selling series of FATEK. Considering compatibility and simplicity, the instructions for B1/B1z series PLC are thoughtfully selected from the most useful and frequently used instructions of FBs series PLC.