About Fatek

FATEK Automation Corporation, was founded in 1992 by a group of PLC R&D engineers, is a manufacturer and developer of Programmable Controllers in Taiwan. We have been focused on small, high-quality and high-functional of micro PLC market and created our own brand “FATEK”. Here and now, we enjoy great popularity in the industry.

Compared to other world-class PLC manufacturers, our company is a very small company. But, we are a professional manufacturer, which acquired the quality of design technology and research development capabilities. Our strategy was first focused on quality and function of technology, and then we make use of a small factory’s flexibility advantage to provide more variety of PLC models to expand the interface for customers to choose. We also developed customer-specific special instructions or hardware and software. These are the advantages of our company – "not only manufacturer with R&D and quality design capability, but also the flexibility of small company and low marketing costs."

In addition, FATEK is a PLC leading manufacturer in the local market in Taiwan. Although the market share has reached a considerable degree, the room to grow to the international market will be our inevitable road. Our company’s full range of products has been admitted to apply for international certification units, such as UL, CE, and Lloyd’s. In order to facilitate international marketing, we got a variety of safety regulations and quality certification in the end of 2004.

PLC industry has been considered as a mature industry, but this also means that competition is relatively intense. We believe only to producing high-quality functional technology and control cost management companies can only win in the market. Nowadays there are many features of the PLC application has already exceeded the requirements. The next PLC functionality and technically are very difficult to break new ground. It is more likely to attract customers which are to continue the development of the expansion in the communications function, such as the various businesses Network (Ethernet, Internet ...), industry standard network (Field bus ...) or with other exchange between control units. There is much room for improvement, which is why the Fbs-PLC series will have such a strong communication interfaces. The future of our company will continue to strengthen in this area.